Cultural Assets-Sutra Mounds

Kotakiji Temple Buttokutawa Anrakugyohon

Sutra mound #14 is thought to be in one of two locations. One possibility is that it is here at Fukutamasan Kotakiji Temple in Takihata. (The other is Kagami no Shuku.) There once was a tahoto (two-story pagoda) next to the temple’s main hall. According to legend, En no Gyoja trained here and created a sutra mound in which to bury the 14th chapter of the Lotus Sutra. It is believed the pagoda was built on top of that mound. The many waterfalls in the area used to be Shugendo training grounds. One of these waterfalls, was the origin of the temple’s name.


1147 Takihata, Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka Prefecture


30 min. drive from Kishiwada-Izumi IC on Hanwa Expressway