Cultural Assets-Sutra Mounds

Mount Myojin Fugen Bosatsu Kanbotsuhon (Sutra mound #28)

Numerous ancient records place sutra mound #28 of Katsuragi Shugen at Kameno-o-shuku.
According to the Enkun Gyoshoki, a record of Shugendo mountains published in the late 17th century, the 28th chapter of the Lotus Sutra was buried at a place called Sotoba no Mine. Since Sotoba no Mine was considered to be today’s Mount Myojin, some people believe that Mount Myojin is sutra mound #28.
At the top of Mount Myojin today stands Mizu-jinja Shrine. Affectionately called “Myojin-san of Nishiyama” by locals, the shrine is still frequented by pilgrims coming to offer prayers.


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5 min. drive from Kashiba IC on Nishi-Meihan Expressway (40 min. walk to the mountaintop)



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