Cultural Assets-Sutra Mounds

Kameno-o-shuku Fugen Bosatsu Kanbotsuhon

The rock “Kameishi” is in the Yamato River Called "Kamenose". It is said to be alternative location of sutra mound #28. That area was a Shugendo training site established by practitioner of austerities. This large granite rock, which has been eroded over millennia by the rapids, appeared as an illustration entitled “Kame-ishi” (“turtle rock”) in the Yamato Meisho Zu-e guidebook of the Edo Period (1603 to 1867). It was also mentioned in the Katsurei-zakki (a guidebook on Katsuragi Shugen published in 1850) as “the sutra rock of Kamenose.”. It is believed that letters were carved into the rock and that a mini pagoda “hou-gyoku-in-tou” was set up next to it in the Muromachi Period (1338 to 1573). "Ryu-o-sya" is a shrine on the right bank of Kamenose. This place was used to be wharf in the Edo Period. There is also a stone lantern engraved with "Osaka sword wholesaler".


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Toge, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka Prefecture


15 min. drive from Kashiba IC on Nishi-Meihan Expressway