Cultural Assets-Temples and Shrines

Yushutsusan Iwawakiji Temple

Situated partway up the north side of Mt. Iwawaki (elevation: 897 meters), which is known as a sacred Katsuragi Shugen training site, Iwawakiji Temple is believed to have been founded by En no Gyoja at the order of Emperor Monmu during the Taiho era (701 to 704). Its honorific title “Yushutsusan” derives from the emergence of bodhisattvas in the Lotus Sutra and the appearance of the temple surroundings, which seems like rocks gushing forth, just as the bodhisattvas do in the sutra.


Temple office 0721-62-4000


3824 Kagata, Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka Prefecture


60 min. drive from Kishiwada-Izumi IC on Hanwa Expressway


50 spaces for passenger vehicles (scattered in several locations about 1.5 kilometers on the way to the temple)