Cultural Assets-Temples and Shrines

Kada Awashima-jinja Shrine

Legend has it that the history of Kada Awashima-jinja Shrine can be traced back to semi-legendary Empress Jingu, who sheltered from a storm on Tomogashima Islands while traveling back to Japan from an invasion of Korea in the third century. The empress later prayed for the Shinto deities Sukunahikona no Mikoto and Ooanamuchi no Mikoto, who resided on Tomogashima Islands, to appear in Kada. Sukunahikona no Mikoto is believed to be a god of medicine, and the ancient shrine is known for the divine favor it confers on women, including recovery from illness, safe childbirth, and conception of children. Each year on March 3, the shrine hosts a ritual known as Hina-nagashi, which is believed to be the origin of Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) and ritual doll offerings. The Kishu Tokugawa clan (founded in the 17th century) had a custom of donating dolls to the shrine over the generations, and even now some 20,000 dolls have been dedicated within the precincts.


Shrine office 073-459-0043


Kada, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama Prefecture


15 min. walk from Nankai Kada Station




9:00 to 17:00


Open year-round


15 spaces (first 30 minutes free, then 550 yen per hour)