Cultural Assets-Temples and Shrines

Fukutamasan Kotakiji Temple

Located in mountainous Takihata at the headwaters of the Ishikawa River, Kotakiji Temple is sometimes described as the inner sanctuary of Makiosan Sefukuji Temple. According to temple lore, it was founded during the 6th century by the monk Gyoman at the order of Emperor Kinmei. The area around the temple is dotted with the “48 Waterfalls of Takihata,” where En no Gyoja practiced ascetic training. Kotaki (“Radiant Falls”), for which the temple is said to have been named, is found behind the main hall.
The temple has a deep connection to Shugendo. It has been an ascetic training site since ancient times, and it is considered to be the location of Katsuragi Shugen sutra mound #14. During the Edo Period (1603 to 1867), the temple became a branch temple of Nyakuoji associated with Shogo-in Temple in Kyoto, the head temple of the Honzan branch of Shugendo.


1147 Takihata, Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka Prefecture


30 min. drive from Kishiwada-Izumi IC on Hanwa Expressway