Cultural Assets-Temples and Shrines

Daitaku-ji Temple

Located at the foot of Mount Jinpuku, where sutra mound #19 is located, Daitaku-ji Temple is a sacred site of esoteric Buddhism. It has inspired deep faith among locals, who call it “Yakushi-san of Senodo.” It was founded during the Hakuho era (645 to 710) when En no Gyoja constructed a hut for use in ascetic training and prayed for the coming of Yakushi Nyorai (the Medicine Buddha). Later, Kukai constructed temple buildings, and the precincts are home to a “willow of wisdom” that was planted by the great monk himself. Biwa no Ike Pond, which is popularly known as Mearai-ike (“eye-washing pond”), draws numerous worshipers even today. Back when medicine was scarce, people believed that praying to Yakushi Nyorai and washing one’s eyes with the pond’s water would heal eye diseases.


Temple office 0747-23-1744


581 Ozawa-cho, Gojo-shi, Nara Prefecture


15 min. drive from Gojo IC on Keinawa Expressway


Free (a donation is appreciated for the main hall)


8:00 to 17:00


Open year-round


10 spaces