Cultural Assets-Festivals

Shigo Senryo-odori Dance

In an ancient diary of the Nakahashi Family, there is an entry from 1750 that mentions this dance. In the dance, the Bofuri character introduces itself as being a demon who attends to yamabushi (Shugendo practitioners) who train in the Katsuragi mountains. Another character, Shinpochi, says that Shugendo practitioners wearing their distinctive cap and attire appear in the Shigo district to dance and pray for prosperity and a rich harvest. The Senryo-odori is a performing art with deep connections to Shugendo practitioners. The dance is also a good example of how Katsuragi Shugen has been passed down through generations of practitioners and villagers.


Katsuragi Tourism Association 0736-22-0300


Hirokuchi, Katsuragi-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture


From JR Kaseda Station take a Katsuragi Town DRT Taxi and get off at Shigo; or 7 min. drive from Katsuragi-nishi IC on Keinawa Expressway



Held on Sunday around October 18 every year