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Kannen-kutsu Cavern

The second Shugendo training site established by En no Gyoja, on Tomogashima Islands. Located on an ocean-facing cliff on Torajima Island and formed by the action of waves over time, the cave contains a stone monument that is believed to have been carved in the 17th century by Doko-hosshinno, who served as chief priest of Shogo-in Temple, the head temple of Shugendo. Gosho no Gaku is a carving in the cliff that is said to have been executed by the Confucian scholar Ri Baikei at the order of Tokugawa Yorinobu, the first lord of the Kishu Domain in the 17th century. The carving records the five sacred training sites of Tomogashima: “Five sacred sites on Tomogashima where the taking of life, impurity, and sin are forbidden: Kannen-kutsu, Johon-kutsu, Akai, Shinja-ike, and Kenga-ike.”


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Kada, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama Prefecture


Take a 20 min. boat ride from Kada Port and walk about an hour from Nonaura Pier