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Masamoto-ko Tabihikitsuke

Masamoto-ko Tabihikitsuke is a diary that records events during Kujo Masamoto’s time as feudal lord in charge of the Hinenosho manor from 1501 to 1504. Authored by Masamoto himself and filled with specific records of the manor’s management, its people, and daily life at the time, the work is a rare historical source that offers a glimpse of shoen (a private estate or manor) during the Sengoku Period (mid 15th century to 16th century). Its existence was first made known during a survey of materials related to the history of Izumisano city in 1958, when it attracted significant attention as a historical material relating to Japan’s medieval period. The place names and buildings that appear in the diary still exist at the site of the former Hinenosho manor, showing what life was like at a medieval manor.