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Amefuri no Taki Falls at Ogami-jinja Shrine

Amefuri no Taki Falls is located on the upper reaches of the Tsuda River where it flows past Ogami-jinja Shrine, which is situated at the foot of Mount Konoyama in Kishiwada. When Emperor Yozei ordered Sugawara no Michizane (a renowned scholar, poet, and politician of the late 9th century) to pray for rain during a severe drought in 884, it was found that making an offering of water from the falls consistently led to rainfall, despite the dry weather. As a result, the shrine is also known as Amefuri Daimyojin (“great god of rainfall”). The shrine has since attracted belief as home to a water deity. The grove of dense trees around the shrine, which includes about 70 species, has been designated a Natural Monument by Kishiwada city. The landscape created by the waterfall and its surrounding greenery has been chosen as one of the “100 Beautiful Green Spaces” of Osaka Prefecture.


Kishiwada City Tourism Department 072-423-9486


Habutaki-cho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka Prefecture


10 min. drive from Kishiwada-Izumi IC on Hanwa Expressway