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Donzuru-bo Peak

The oddly shaped rocks of Donzuru-bo were created by pyroclastic flows and volcanic ash from Mount Nijo’s volcanic activity. The landscape was formed by weathering and erosion over a span of more than 10 million years and evokes a flock of cranes. The name Donzuru-bo literally means “a flock of cranes.” The place serves as a Shugendo training site and is located on the ancient Osaka-goe route that led from the 26th sutra mound on Mount Nijo to Kamenose. The rock here was used in ancient times to build the stone coffins of kofun tombs as well as Buddhist stone statues in medieval times. Donzuru-bo has been designated a Natural Monument by Nara Prefecture in light of its rare geological properties.


Commerce and Industry Department, Kashiba City 0745-44-3312


Anamushi, Kashiba-shi, Nara Prefecture


10 min. drive from Kashiwara IC on Nishi-Meihan Expressway (to parking lot)





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