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Sekiya Jizoson

This seated stone image of Jizo Bosatsu is housed in a mini shrine that stands at the intersection of the route leading to Kamenose via Mount Myojin and the Nagao-kaido Road. There’s evidence that the statue was repaired after being broken in two due to weathering, a result of its sandstone construction. The bodhisattva holds a staff in its right hand and a sacred gem in its left hand. According to tradition it was dedicated by the people of Hatsuse to ensure safe travel over the nearby pass. The statue attracts belief among local residents, who know it as the Hikiri Jizo in reference to the tradition of praying there to wish for something on or by a specific date. Despite its location in the mountains, the statue is always accompanied by offerings of flowers and other items.


Kashiba City Nijyosan Museum 0745-77-1700


8 Sekiya-kita, Kashiba-shi, Nara Prefecture


30 min. walk from Kintetsu Sekiya Station