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Sutra mound #26 is on the Odake Peak of Mount Nijo, where it has been since medieval times according to the Shozan-engi (a record of Shugendo mountains compiled in the late 12th century). Running from Mount Nijo to Eifuku-ji Temple is the Takenouchi-kaido Road, Japan’s oldest highway. Along it you can find stone statues of En no Gyoja, said to be the founder of Katsuragi Shugen. Eifuku-ji Temple is the site of the tomb of Prince Shotoku, who is credited with political reform and spreading Buddhism during his tenure as regent from 593 to 622. At Eifuku-ji Temple, a grand Goma fire ritual is conducted by Shugendo practitioners every spring as part of a ceremony to commemorate the death of Prince Shotoku.


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2044 Iwaya, Yamada, Taishi-cho, Minami-kawachi-gun, Osaka Prefecture


6 min. drive south from Taishi IC on Minamihanna Road to Mount Nijo Manyo no Mori parking lot; 15 min. walk from parking lot





Mount Nijo Manyo no Mori Information Center